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Ozone Injection for Back pain and Slipped Disc

Ozone injection therapy is a kind of advanced treatment of medicine that helps to shrink the disc and relieves the pressure off the nerves thus relieving in pain in spine.

Uses of Ozone injection therapy: Ozone discectomy or Ozonucleolysis

In case of prolapsed inter-vertebral disc (or, slipped disc) different other mechanism acts. Inter-vertebral disc is filled with nucleus pulposus which is a jelly like material which holds water (90% of disc material is water). When ozone is injected into the disc the proteo-glycan bridges in the jelly-like material are broken down and they no longer capable of holding water. As a result disc shrinks and mummified which is equivalent to surgical discectomy and so the procedure is called ozone discectomy or Ozonucleolysis or ozone Injection therapy.

It has been published in ANESTHESIA AND PAIN journals that up to 85% of disc operation can be avoided with these non-surgical advanced interventions. Success rate is about 88% which is comparable to surgical discectomy (50% to 90%). Complications are remarkably low and much less than surgery.


  • No need to open the spine.
  • Disc is not removed. Ozone only shrinks the disc so that normal architecture is preserved.
  • Done under local anesthesia. This avoids the complications of general anesthesia.
  • Done as a day care procedure. No need to hospitalized the patient.
  • As compared to surgery this procedure is much safer and effective.

Who are the suitable patients for this treatment?

Ozone injections are not magical injections. They do have specific indications and limitations. Best suitable discs are the hydrated disc with jelly material still inside the disc.

Ozone is also an excellent anti-inflammatory as good as steroids. Intradiscal ozone injection therapy has shown excellent results in degenerated disc diseases with annular and end plate inflammation.

So, as you can see, there are a number of positive points of ozone injection therapy. The layer of ozone protects the Earth from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. Equally, the gas plays a very important role in human body to ensure a healthy living. If you are opting for this therapy, make sure to get the treatment for the best spine centre. Go for a research online, check their websites and get treated by internationally acclaimed doctors at affordable rates.

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