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Spinal Cord Stimulation(SCS)

This revolutionary treatment works by blocking pain perception from traveling up through the spinal cord to Brain.

It involves smaller electrodes that are placed near spinal cord in Epidural space.

Spinal cord stimulator delivers low level impulses that interfere with the perception of pain especially chronic nerve pains.

Indications: Complex regional pain syndromes, Failed Back Surgery syndrome, Degenerative disc disease, Peripheral neuropathies etc.

Insulated electrodes are inserted through small needle into space surrounding the spinal cord called Epidural space.

On trial implantation , small pulses are delivered to electrodes that stimulate the nerves, blocking pain signals.
The patient gives feedback to help determine where to place the electrodesto best block the patients Pain

If the patient determines that the amount of Pain relief is acceptable, system may be permanently implanted.

Through a small incision Implantable pulse generator in positioned under the skin.

The lead is then connected to Battery.

The electrical impulses are programmed with an external control unit.
Patient themselves can use the external control unit to turn the system On and Off and can also adjust the stimulation power

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