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Plantar Fasciitis

What is Plantar Fasciitis?
It is a painful condition of heel . Plantar fascia is a tough ligamentous structure attached to heel bone (calcaneus) and maintain the arch of our foot. Plantar Fasciitis is condition where this fascia at its attachment is inflamed with or without an injury/tear in it. There may or may not have bony spurs at calcaneus. Most commonly first few steps after getting up in the morning is most painful. This condition is more common in females after the age of 35 yrs
Causes of Plantar Fascilitis
It can be because of over use, age related degeneration or it can be due to inflammatory arthritis.
Treatment Options
• During Pain take NS AIDS
• Alternate hot & cold therapy
• Physical therapy like shock wave therapy may help
If no result with above mentioned treatment options are
a. Local Injection : local injection of depo-steroid like Triamcenolone or Methyl Prednisolone is very helpful
given after local anaes thesia . some time 1-3 sittings are required .
b. PRP Therapy ( Platelet Rich Plasma): Most recent treatment supported by lot of recent researches is injection of
platelet rich plasma inside elbow joint . Normally one injection is enough but at times two or three injections
may be needed. Injection is simple and given after local anesthetic injection.
c. In extremely rare situation, surgery is needed
Post Treatment Care
• Ice is applied in post injection period
• Rest of elbow, wrist and fingers is need at initial two days after injection
• Within 24-48 hours of injection pain start reducing.

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