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Intrathecal Pump

What is intrathecal pump or Spinal Pump?

Spinal pump is a medicine containing device which is fitted inside the body . This device is connected with a catheter (a very minute tube) which delivers a very small quantity of drug directly into the CSF (Fluid around the spinal cord).

Where it can be used?

It is indicated in conditions where oral medications or other modalities of treatment are not working. Commonly, it is used in cancer pain where we use morphine and in spasticity where we use baclofen in the spinal pump. These pumps have a capacity of 20 ml to 60 ml.

What is the advantage of this high end and costly Implant?

Although the initial costs of surgical implantation of an intrathecal pump appear to be substantial, maintenance costs of intrathecal drug delivery over time are significantly lower than other routes of administration, including oral and intravenous drug delivery. Cost analyses of alternate routes of opioid administration indicate that intrathecal delivery is the most cost-effective route of opioid administration for patients who require long-term management of cancer (≥ 3-6 months) or nonmalignant pain (≥ 11-22 months).


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