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IPSC Clinic?

Experienced Doctors

The thousands of patients we treat each year prepare us to treat the one who matters most- you.

Your Health is our priority

Treatment at IPSC Clinic is Tailor-made to the needs of each patient, where right from diagnosis to treatment to rehabilitation and psychological support is provided.

Your Safety & Quality care is our promise.

We perform all procedures under high sterility inside our Operating room. Our pain experts have been trained adequately and certified by national accreditation bodies like ISSP-IAPM as well as the International Board as well, to make sure patients are in safe and skilled hands.

When you seek the right answer

Count on our experts to deliver an accurate diagnosis and the right plan for you the first time.

Daycare Procedures

All pain interventions are done on day care basis and without a need for general or spinal anesthesia. Mild analgesics and sedation may be required to keep the patient comfortable. Patients can go home the same day and return to the work next day. These procedures include PRP injections, Radiofrequency ablation, Diagnostic Block, Ozonolysis Vertebroplasty, and Endoscopic disc decompression.

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IPSC center of excellence in pain management, offers a variety of courses every month throughout the year for doctors wishing to specialize in pain management.

  • Multidisciplinary course covering early diagnosis and effective management of acute, chronic and cancer pain.
  • Authored by experts in the field of pain management or related disciplines.
  • Developed and endorsed by the Faculty of Pain Medicine of the IPSC Experts.
  • Contains standardized, high-quality content, relevant for all practitioners.