Joint Replacement

Afraid of Joint Replacement, you don’t need to be. IPSC is Pioneer in Painless Knee Replacements.

Nowadays Joint Replacement Surgery is done very frequently. The procedure has become very predictable with very impressive results. There are some myths around joint replacement which I would like to break.


Patients who have end stage arthritis in which the cartilage layer of the joint is completely worn out causing bone on bone contact. This leads to severe pain on walking and other activities, such patients are good candidates for Joint Replacement.

A. Joint Replacement is a procedure in which a thin layer of damaged cartilage is removed from the ends of the thigh bone (femur) and shin bone (tibia) and replaced with metallic implants. Since the damaged bone ends are now covered with metallic surfaces, there is no pain and the patient can walk pain-free and is able to resume normal activities. We don’t cut and remove bone, we just reshape and put a new metallic surface over the bone ends.

Joint replacements usually last for an average of 20 years.

There are no activity restrictions after Total Knee Replacement.

Routinely patients are made to walk the next day after joint replacement, with the newer techniques nowadays even walking on the same day after surgery is possible.

With the newer techniques and medication protocols, the pain after the joint replacement surgery is controlled very well

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