Professional Teeth Whitening

Your smile is one of the first thing people notice about you. Having white teeth will not only make you took beautiful but also confidential. When stained or yellow teeth make you hide your smile, it is time to act. Professional teeth whitening procedures has become one of the most requested treatment today. Here are answers to some of your questions which will help brighten your smile.


There are various methods such as whitening gels, trays, toothpaste but they are less effective. Chair side teeth whitening method is most effective. In this method dental professional will clean and polish the teeth and then apply the whitening gel over the teeth. Depending upon the whitening gel used, special light is used to increase the whitening effect.

Some patients experience temporary sensitivity after teeth whitening and some may not experience at all. But the sensitivity lasts only for 48 hours. You can ease discomfort caused by sensitivity by using special toothpastes.

Professional whitening can whiten your teeth in less than an hour.some patients with deep stains may require multiple visits to get a desired teeth shade.

Various studies prove that professional teeth whitening does not harm the enamel of your teeth because in this safe percentage of bleaching agent is used which will not harm your teeth or gums.

How long your teeth will stay white depends upon your lifestyle and habit. People who eat and drink stain causing food in large amount may notice their teeth changing colour little earlier. Having regular dental cleanings will help you keep teeth white as long as possible.

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