At IPSC India, we believe in managing our chronic spinal pain patients with minimally invasive technique. But, there are conditions where we prefer to go for open spinal surgical procedures over less invasive techniques. At times, we do have patients who need urgent surgeries to prevent them from going into permanent damage. There are multiple myths about spine surgeries and decision to have spinal surgery can be difficult specially when we have multiple “free of cost advises” flouting around us.


Fact: At IPSC India, we advise open surgical procedures only in selected cases where it is required. After discussing other options with patients, we advise surgery where surgery has a definite advantage over other treatment options.

Fact: Most of the spine surgeries are successful but at times some patients develop secondary problems which are not directly related to surgery. Infact, the medical authorities have withdrawn this terminology.

Fact: Some surgeries where we have to put implants to fix the spine, do take long time to recovery as bones need some time to fix the implant. Restriction in some activities are required after spine fixation surgery but usually patients are able to perform routine activities within weeks’ time.

Fact: Repeat surgery is extremely rare now with advancement of other techniques. Some secondary sources of pain after spine surgery can be managed effectively with minimally invasive techniques.

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