AIM-P is known for its highest quality of scientific sessions from the experts in the field. We have a very strict criteria of selecting our faculty for particular topics. AIM-P is also an important venue for brainstorming, networking and making vital connections that can lead to new initiatives.


Drawing hundreds of the world’s best pain specialist together to learn interventional technique

Team IPSC welcomes you to the most prestigious conference on advanced interventions for pain management, the fastest-growing field in medical history. AIM-P is not just another conference. It brings a revolution in the field of pain medicine and encourages physicians to adopt advanced technologies and interventions for better growth and clinical outcomes.

Why to attend AIM-P

World Class Continuing Education
Over 40 hours of the most up-to-date evidence-based scientific instruction available
  • 3 Days, 12 Sessions
  • 20+ Global Pain faculties
  • Practical, clinically-focused educational sessions
  • Faculty who are leaders in their field
  • Networking with Industry Experts
  • Introduction to newer technologies and devices.
  • Physical interactions with expert speakers during the conference



September 30 to October 2, 2023 (9000 Hrs to 1800 Hrs IST)


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October 1st, 2023



Session 1

Special Lecture

Session 1

Special Lecture

0900-0930 Hrs

Journey of Pain Physicians from supportive to definitive Interventions


0900-0930 Hrs

MSK Ultrasound: Identifying artefacts and differentiating with pathologies

Dr Nidhi Bhatnagar

Session 2 : 

Spinal Endoscopy made easy:

Pain physicians being experts in fluoroscopy, can learn endoscopic procedures more effectively if the pain physicians teach them. We can reduce the complications and steps if we know proper and target-specific placement.

Session 2

Treatment Protocols for Regenerative Interventions

Clinical diagnosis has to be authenticated with the scans. All modalities of scan can not show all the pathologies, the suitable indications, and the contraindications. This session will also focus on current research and potential clinical applications. AIM-P will also share pre and post interventions management protocols for better outcomes.


1 Dr Suriraj

2 Dr Kailash Kothari

3 Dr Hrishikesh Badave


1 Dr Shirish Amartya

2 Dr Vanmathy

3 Dr Sunitha Lavange

0930-1000 Hrs

Clinical Anatomy and MRI Correlation for spine Interventions and Spine Endoscopy

Dr. Pankaj Surange

0930-1000 Hrs

Choosing correct Imaging modality to identify pathologies for suitable regenerative Indications.

Dr Seetharaman

1000-1030 Hrs

Selecting approaches to target the disc fragments.

Dr. Sukdeb Datta

1000-1030 Hrs

Regenerative Interventions: Current Evidences and recommendations

Dr Karthic Natarajan

1030-1100 Hrs

Interlaminar Approach: Basic Principles and technique

Dr Palea Ovidieu

1030-1100 Hrs

Role of regenerative interventions in MSK “tears”

Dr.Madhan Pandian

1100-1130 Hrs

Advancement in spinal endoscopy equipment.

Dr. Anurag Agarwal

1100-1130 Hrs

Calcific tendinopathies: Diagnosis and Interventional Management

Dr Nitin Ketkar

Session 3
1130-1300 Hrs

Panel Discussion.
Business of Pain Medicine

Viability of the practice depends on factors like Market size, Insurance Penetration, Industry support, patient-centric management approach, policymakers’ decisions, government support systems, and many more. We are inviting leaders from each field to discuss the growth potential of Pain medicine as a super specialty.


Dr Pankaj Surange

Dr Swati Bhat


1. Dr Urvashi Prasad, Director NITI Aayog

2. Representation from National Medical Council

3. Business Development Officer: Avanos

4. Director, Daradia: Dr Gautam Das

5. BW healthcare CEO Harbinder Singh Narula

6. Founder Director, Dutta Endoscopy Units: Dr. Sukhdev Dutta

7. Founder, Provita Pain Speciality Hospital: Dr. Palea Ovideu

8. Dr M K Ramesh Vice Chancellor RGUHS


1300-1400 Hrs

Session 4

Extended use of spine endoscopy for Pain Physicians

Once you understand the essential endoscopic use, learning other approaches and using an endoscope for other indications is not a big challenge for pain physicians.

Learn fast before it is too late!

Session 4

Joint Denervation

Learning the joint denervation technique is crucial for pain specialists because this technique can offer an alternative solution for patients with persistent joint pain, enhancing their quality of life. It can be particularly beneficial for those who are not suitable candidates for joint replacement or other invasive surgeries.


1. Dr krishna Poddar

2. Dr Shivani Rastogi

3. Dr Milton


1. Dr Sudindra Dharmavaram

2. Jayesh Thakarar

3. Dr Saipriya Tiwari

1430-1450 Hrs

Endofusion: Percutaneous Endoscopic Lumbar Interbody Fusion, the technical aspects.

Dr. Rahul Ahluwalia

1430-1450 Hrs

Principles and Application of Radiofrequency in Pain Practice.

Extended indications.

Prof Poupak

1450-1510 Hrs

Complications and Troubleshooting

Dr. Palea Ovidieu

1450-1510 Hrs

The newer targets in bigger joints with cooled RF

Dr. Gautam Das

1510-1530 Hrs

Unilateral bi-portal endoscopic decompression for degenerative lumbar canal stenosis.

Dr. Atmaranjan Dash

1510-1530 Hrs

Facet denervation: The correct method for higher success.

Dr Pavan Kumar

1530-1600 Hrs

Robotic Spine Intervention

Dr Sukdeb Datta

1530-1600 Hrs

Adhesive Capsulitis: Regenerative or Denervative Intervention

Dr Karthick Natrajan

Session 5

1600-1800 Hrs

Implantable devices for your chronic pain patients

With the improvement in technology and the competition in the device market, the newer companies are introducing easy-to-use portable implants at almost 1/4th to 1/10th the current price. Huge demand and usage are expected in the coming years.

Session 5

1600-1800 Hrs

Extended Use of Ultrasound in Pain Medicine

There is so much to do with ultrasound if we learn from the master’s in the field with much more experience and expertise in the MSK.

Inauguration of GE USG Machine


1. Dr Ravi Gopal Varma

2. Dr

3. Dr Nana Morkane.


1. Dr Vasudha Jadhav

2. Dr Asha Bharge

3. Dr Manjiri Pandit

1600-1630 Hrs

Role of Neuromodulation in Sympathetic Maintained Pain

Dr Preeti Doshi

1600-1630 Hrs

Entrapment Neuropathies: Differentiating them with central causes and their management

Dr Anuradha (Aster Bangalore)

1630-1700 Hrs

Next-generation approach to spinal cord stimulation.

Dr. Basabjit das

1630-1700 Hrs

Upcoming Role Of USG In Spine Interventions

Dr Gautam Das

1700-1730 Hrs

Minimally Invasive Percutaneous Spine Fixation

Dr. Farnad Imani

1700-1730 Hrs

Precision is the key: Ultrasound vs. Fluoroscopy for placement

Dr Gurumoorthy

1730-1800 Hrs

Facet Fuse and Interspinous spacers for Pain Physicians

Dr Sukdeb Datta

1730-1800 Hrs

Pre and Post Regenerative Intervention Protocols.

Dr Anthony Guifrida

Inauguration of Spine Fellowship for Pain Physicians

Gala Dinner

2000 Hrs to 2300 Hrs


October 2nd, 2023



Session 1

Special Lecture

Session 1

Special Lecture

0900 -9:20Hrs

Importance of scientific publishing in pain medicine

Dr. Samarjit Dey

0900-0930 Hrs

Principle of Regenerative Interventions

Dr Jyoti Prassana

9:20-9:40 hrs

Academic publications : high impact or efficiency

Dr Samarjit

Session 2 : 

Vertebral Augmentation

The importance of learning this technique in clinical practice is that it can provide significant pain relief to patients with vertebral compression fractures. In addition, vertebral augmentation can help to stabilize the spine and prevent further collapse. We don’t have to wait for the pain relief after this Interventional Procedure.

Session 2 :

Target-Specific Regenerative Intervention

Performing the interventional procedure under ultrasound or fluoroscopy guidance is not a challenge. The key to success is selecting the suitable indication, when, where, and what to inject.


1. Dr Shankarnarayanan

2. Dr Shovan rath

3. Dr Sunitha Harish


1. Dr Neerja Bharati

2. Dr Vivek Chakole

3. Dr Aparna Gangoli

0940-1000 Hrs

Targeted Cementoplasty for Chronic pains of cleft Fractures

Dr. Pankaj N Surange

0930-0950 Hrs

1000-1020 Hrs

Vertebroplasty for Cancer-related Spinal pains and Metastatic fractures: Challenges and Updates

Prof Farnad Imani

0950-1010 Hrs

Stem cells: The future of Pain and Regenerative Interventions

Dr (Col) Pawan K Gupta


Vertebral Stenting

Dr Anurag Agarwal

1010-1030 Hrs

Regulatory and Ethical Issues in Regenerative Medicine:

Dr S M Salahudeen

Session 3

Sympathetic Neurolysis for Non Cancer Pains

Session 3

1040-1200 Hrs

Panel Discussion Reparative Vs. Regenerative Interventions: The current Understanding

The brainstorming session with the researchers and clinicians on different components of cell biologics, their indications and limitations, and advantages over others.


1. Dr Ramachandriah

2. Dr Madhuri lokapur

3. Dr Sadasivan Iyer

Moderator: Dr Namrata Dabas

1050-1110 Hrs

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Dr Palak Mehta


Dr Pawan Gupta

Dr Salim

Dr Salauddin

Dr. Sudhir Diwan

Dr. Sudheer Dara

Dr Vanmathy Rajesh

1110-1130 Hrs

Chronic Pancreatitis

Dr Poupak Rahimzade

1130-1150 Hrs

Peripheral Neuropathies: Is there any role?

Dr Hammad Usmani

Session 4

1200-1320 hrs

Cancer Pain

Session 4

1200-1320 hrs

Podium Presentation


1 Dr Vishal Rao

2 Dr Dinesh

3 Dr Aarti B


1) Dr Ravi shankar sharma

2) Dr Samarjit

3) Ashwani G

1200-1225 Hrs

Head and Neck Onco- Pain-Interventions

Dr. RP Gedhoo

Presentation 1

Presentation 2

1225-1250 Hrs

Early Interventions in Cancer Pain.

Dr. Rohit Lahori

Presentation 3

Presentation 4

1250-1320 Hrs

Cancer pain - level 1 evidence interventions

Dr Siddharth Verma

Presentation 5

Presentation 6

Lunch Break

1330-1430 Hrs

Session 5

1430-1630 Hrs

Panel Discussion Setting up an advanced pain center: Overcoming the challenges.

Our expert panellists will discuss the Budgeting, working capital, operating cost, and compliances necessary to establish advanced.

Session 5

1430-1630 Hrs

Discogenic Pain

Dr Chandershekhar Cham


Dr Palak mehta

1430 Hrs-1515

Pathophysiology: sources of discogenic pain.

Dr Gautam Das


Anurag aggrawal

Kailash kothari

Palea Ovidiu

Sukdeb Datta

Karthik Natrajan

Session 6

1630-1730 Hrs

Vertebrogenic Pain

1515-1545 hrs

Failed Spine Interventions

Dr Anurag Agarwal

1630-1700 Hrs

Managing the osteoporotic Pain of the spine: The proper way!

Dr Chandrashekhar

1600-1630 Hrs

Technical consideration for Disc Annuloplasty

Dr. Kailash Kothari

1700 Hrs

Targeting the Basivertebral Nerve. way!

Dr. Anthony Giuffrida

1630-1700 Hrs

Treatment modalities for Discogenic Pain

Dr. Sudhir Diwan

17:30 Hrs

Managing Secondary Vertebral Modic Changes

Dr. Anthony Giuffrida

Scientific Deliberation

Spine Endoscopy


Vertebral Augmentation

Regenerative Inter ventions

Implantable Devices

Business Of Pain Medicine


Workshops at AIM-P help you to understand the steps based on the identification of fluoroscopic and ultrasound anatomical structures. This helps in the correct and easier methods to reach target structures based on the pathologies. These workshops also teach you about troubleshooting in case of anatomical variations and complex cases. Our faculties are che top most experienced and experts in the field.


  • Gautam Das
  • Palea Ovideu
  • HS Kim
  • Sukdeb Datta
  • Sudhir Diwan
  • Prof Magad
  • Aman Ahuja
  • Dr Hamad Usmani
  • Dr Neeraj Jain
  • Prof Imani
  • Anurag Aggarwal
  • Karthic Babu Natarajan
  • Prof Alsaeid
  • RPS Gehdoo
  • Anthony Giuffrida
  • Dr. Basabjit Das
  • Prof Poupak
  • Kailash Kothari
  • Palak Bhavin Mehta
  • Preeti Doshi
  • Rahul Ahluwalia
  • Samarjit Dey
  • Madhan Pandian
  • Mayank Chansoria
  • Nidhi Bhatnagar
  • Mohamed Hamada
  • Ahmed Hejab
  • Gaurav Sharma
  • Vivek Chakole
  • Sudhir Dara

Faculty Message


Dr. Gautam Das



Dr. Swati Bhat

Organizing Chairperson


Dr. Harshita Surange

Scientific Chairman


Dr. Pankaj Surange

Scientific Chairman


Dr.Rohit Lahori

Organizing Secretary


Dr. Namrata Dabas

Organizing Secretary


Dr. Tushar Munnoli

Workshop Co-Ordinator


Hall Coordinator


Hall Coordinator

Dr. Pavan Kumar

Workshop Co-Ordinator

Roshan Manjunath

Hall Co-Ordinator

country representative

  • Dr Anamul Haque Milton


  • Dr Shirish Amatya


  • Dr Havin kamal



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